Off the curb

Leadership Coaching & Executive Development

Off the Curb’s Leadership Coaching & Executive Development aims to help you bring the best of who you are to what you do

Whether you’re a new, emerging, or experienced leader we become your confidential “thinking partner” to help you sort through challenges, shore up blind spots, and cultivate your unique leadership style. We’ve worked with new entrepreneurs, team leaders, executives and CEOs in a broad range of organizations including those at Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and universities.

We believe relationships are at the very heart and soul of every leader’s ability to get things done. Whether you are leading a loose grouping of people, a targeted team, or a large company, even the best leaders need support!

Our coaching approach is specifically tailored to help you:

  • Gain new strategies and perspectives on your current challenges and “organizational growing pains” by looking at your current style, approach and capabilities with fresh but practiced eyes

    1. Crystalize your leadership values and what it is you envision for both yourself (work and life) and/or your organization

    2. Find optimal ways to overcome gaps and challenges in your style, capabilities, and experiences so you can be most effective

    3. Determine when and how to let go of responsibilities, delegate, and develop others so you can focus your time on what’s most important

    4. Find the best way to tell your story, present ideas and deliver tough messages and authentic feedback to customers, direct reports and colleagues on those occasions when things aren’t going exactly the way you’d like

    5. Dismantle old formulas for success that no longer fit with where you’re headed

    6. Be a role model and source for inspiring positive change and bringing out the best capabilities in those around you

    7. Cultivate and align your work culture to foster positive and lasting results

The most important tool we use in leadership coaching is conversation; conversation intended to gain clarity on your key issues, build a positive and trusted relationship, and generate the right steps forward on your leadership path. Sometimes a good conversation is all we need to get going but we also have experience (and certification) in using a wide range of tools and assessments that could be helpful including:

  • 360 degree feedback reports

    1. Key stakeholder interviews

    2. Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient (EQ) Inventories

    3. Personality profiles such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC profile, and The Color Code

    4. Leader/Team role assessments such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Teams by Pat Lencioni

    5. Visual Strategic Planning maps and models

We also draw from our own personal experience training with those we consider to be thought leaders in the areas of management, leadership and executive development (such as Ken BlanchardPeter SengePatrick LencioniMarcus BuckinghamWarren Bennis and Richard Leider) and use current articles, books, and TEDx Talks to augment the coaching process. (In fact, whether you’re a solopreneur or an established leader, we suggest you watch Simon Sinek’s legendary TEDx talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action and Adam Grant’s TEDx talk The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers before you even pick up the phone to call us!)