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Off the Curb offers career, transition and leadership coaching to help you fast forward your change curve! Whether you’re at a career decision point, ready to strike out on an entrepreneurial venture, or want to “up” your leadership game, we look at your current situation with fresh but practiced eyes and partner with you to construct a personalized, goal-focused, plan with targeted support to help you change your story for the better!




Santa Barbara, CA



Areas of Coaching

Transition coaching & Career Strategy

Are you planning to jump career lanes, re-enter the workforce or start a new business? No matter what’s on tap for your future, we help you clarify what you want and determine the best way to  achieve it! Our pragmatic, but creative, process is designed to help you map out a comprehensive plan of action and shorten the distance between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.


Whether you’re an experienced leader, an emerging leader or just starting out, we aim to help you bring the best of who you are to what you do! We become your confidential “thinking partner” and ally to help you sort through your biggest challenges, shore up potential blind spots, and cultivate your own unique leadership style. We’ve worked with new entrepreneurs, team leaders, executives, and CEOs in a broad range of organizations including those at Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and start-ups to help transform their vision into action and positively influence their teams and organizations.


“There are two main dangers in life; risking too much and risking too little.”
— Jimmy Chin, Filmmaker-Photographer/Mountaineer


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