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Off the Curb offers career, transition, and leadership coaching to help you fast forward your change curve! Whether you’re at a career decision point, ready to strike out on an entrepreneurial venture, or want to “up” your leadership game, we look at your current situation with fresh but practiced eyes and partner with you to construct a personalized, goal-focused, plan with targeted support to help you change your story for the better! 


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Lynne Desmond Cage



Before founding Off the Curb, Lynne Desmond Cage headed up organizational development for an international technology company, and next worked as an organizational development consultant and executive coach where she partnered with leaders and teams at both start-ups and Fortune 500s. Shifting her focus from organizations to individuals, and stemming from curiosity about how people successfully re-invent themselves she founded Off the Curb to work with people who are at the brink of change; wishing to take their work and life to the next level whether as individual contributors or as organizational leaders.

Lynne has taught courses in Organizational Change, Leadership Development and Management through the University of California, Santa Barbara extension and is certified as a master coach through the Hudson Institute, an ICF certified coaching school, where she later served as a coach and instructor. She holds a BA from Fairfield University, and certifications in Organizational Development and Change Management from UCLA.

Lynne also writes about personal development, entrepreneurship, and work and life transition. She functions best with a decaf almond latte (yes decaf)! and will talk with any stranger wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. She lives in Santa Barbara with her family, and her ever rambunctious Golden Retriever.

P.S. As Toms Shoes’ founder, Blake Mycoskie says “a good story transcends boundaries, breaks barriers, and opens doors” so check out our Profiles section to read stories about those in our Off the Curb community who have already successfully navigated their curb moments or are a leader contemplating next steps. And if you’re not quite ready to jump the curb, hit Feeding the Meter for tips on how to keep your personal growth motor running!