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“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

For some, the answer is easy; software engineer, marketing analyst, social media maven. These people seem to know from an early age exactly what they want and where they’re headed. For others, the answer is tougher. They feel the pressure to “pick a career lane” but it’s harder to choose one job, one interest, or one direction because they have so many passions and interests. According to author and TedX speaker Emilie Wapnick, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In her view, having lots of interests doesn’t make you flaky or a “master of none,” it makes you a “multipotentiate!”

A multipotentiate is a term referring to someone who has many interests and creative pursuits.

Emilie puts herself in this category describing herself as,” the founder, creative director, and resident multipotentiate” of her business called Puttylike. She writes, speaks, teaches, designs, makes art, does research, explores, and tinkers…depending on the day. Emilie believes it’s possible to make a living and be productive in the work world without denying multiple interests and passions and she offers resources to help people do it. In her view our career decisions don’t have to be permanent or irreversible. She’s a good example. Emilie has worked as a web designer, a punk band musician, and a film production crew member. She has a law degree from McGill University and took a career spin in the law field as well. Today she offers resources to help multipotentiates find sustainable ways of making a living. Check out Emilie’s popular Ted Talk.

To learn more check out her new book called How to be Everything: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling published last month (May 2017) or visit

Lynne Cage