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“Lynne Desmond Cage gets my highest recommendation as a leadership and executive coach. Lynne has a unique ability to help others grow their leadership capabilities through the right balance of coaching, insight and feedback. I’ve seen Lynne work firsthand with C.E.O.s, V.P.s and Team Leaders while working together at a mutual client and liked her style, approach and success rate so much that I later invited her into work one-on-one with leaders at a number of my own clients providing coaching and 360 degree feedback. The results of her work has always been outstanding.
— Bob Lorber, Ph.D., C.E.O of Lorber Kamai and Author of the New York Times bestseller "Putting the One Minute Manager to Work" (with Ken Blanchard) and "Doing What Matters" (with Jim Kilts and John Manfredi)

“Lynne will long be considered someone who has had a positive and lasting influence on my approach to leadership. I hired her as a coach at a time when our business was changing rapidly. Her feedback about my style and our team’s strengths and shortcomings fast-forwarded our learning curve, improved our communication and helped us reach results far more quickly. Lynne is upbeat and grounded and has a unique ability to pinpoint what’s needed to increase both leadership and organizational effectiveness.
— P.K., Division President, Sony Pictures Entertainment

When my board president suggested leadership coaching, I didn’t initially see the need. I reasoned that I’d successfully built my company from the ground up and had a strong team in place so wasn’t sure what coaching could add. At his suggestion, I met with Lynne for a cup of coffee anyway. Fast forward. I hired Lynne and, after an extensive assessment of my leadership style and capabilities, including a 360 review, I found out there were two significant blind spots hindering my ability to grow a specific part of my business. Working on those two things with Lynne’s help had a big impact. First I hired someone else to run that part of the business after I discovered my strengths were better invested elsewhere and second, I learned how to engage with my direct reports, expanded team and board more effectively; looking at what they each needed from their interactions with me and developing strategies to be more transparent in my feedback and direction.
— Matt C., Founder/CEO,

After years of working in product development, I was given the opportunity to help create an organization from the ground up. Joining the ranks of upper management definitely had its ups and downs and the team I joined was stuck in the storming phase. Lynne was able to help me successfully navigate through the politics and focus my energies on meeting our corporate objectives. Together we put a development plan in place and mapped out milestones. Our efforts resulted in near perfect execution of our new product launch, meeting all quality & operational objectives. Lynne’s pragmatic approach reinforced the value of setting your goals, both in business and in personal life and making adjustments as needed.”
— Charlie Wolfe., Vice President of Operations



“I’ve been fortunate to have a successful career but have always had an inkling to do something more in line with my creative side. When I began coaching with Lynne, we started with my “far out” vision for a new business and then backed into the cold harsh realities of what it would take to get it going. By looking at an exhaustive list of constraints -money, time, competition, etc.- potentially standing in my way, Lynne helped me map out a plan identifying actions needed in 4 key areas and followed up to make sure I was on track. Her combination of good business sense and straight-forward feedback as well as sharing some of her own personal and professional challenges, made her a great match for me. I haven’t left my current position yet but my new business is up and running with a positive start, and I plan on making the leap to working on it full-time next year.”
— K.A, Project Manager, Santa Barbara, CA

“I had been out of school for a few years and had a job but felt like I wasn’t in the right career when I reached out to Lynne. She helped me think through potential new options better suited to my areas of interest and skill set. After a major overhaul of my resume and cover letters, we put a plan in place to figure out the best way to go after what I wanted. Her recommended strategy for finding the right position was different than what I had been doing but I took her suggestions to heart. It took me longer than I thought to find the right spot but I finally landed in a sales and marketing role for a fun company in the city which I love and I appreciate Lynne’s support in helping me get there.”
— Chris A., Account Manager, San Francisco, CA

“When I first met Lynne, I was at that time a contracted athletic trainer at a small private school but worked in the clinic as an aide. I was a 5 year seasoned athletic trainer with a master’s degree and a lot of experience and wanted a new opportunity to grow my capabilities to their fullest potential in the clinic setting. I was also starting another aspect of my career which was strength coaching. Then I got the idea to start my own business and work with athletes one-on-one for strength training and provide injury prevention strategies for their sport. Working with Lynne has helped me become more confident in identifying my strengths, my goals as a business owner, and to pursue my dream of working for myself and doing what I love.”
— Shawna Erickson, Certified Athletic Trainer, Bend, Oregon