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Coaching Strategy



Defining your current story

What is your story anyway? Our first step is to help you rewind the tape a bit and look at the events, milestones, and experiences that have shaped your story to date. If you’re at a crossroads, we’ll dig a little deeper to see where you are stuck and clarify the issues driving your desire for change whether you’re ready to create your next new livelihood or increase your leadership capabilities to bring out the best in others.

Envisioning your new story

It’s a vision thing! As cliche as it may be, it’s hard to change your story unless you can envision it. So fast forward and look ahead. What do you want your new story to be? What are the possibilities? Using a variety of tools, we’ll help you brainstorm possibilities and create a convincing and compelling picture of how you see your preferred future.

Backward planning

One of our favorite quotes is “Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings,” by C.D. Jackson. Great ideas can “take off” but if there isn’t a way to ground them, they won’t become a reality. For this reason, planning and accountability is crucial. Starting with your vision, we step backwards to your current state to define the real or imagined “boulders” in the way of achievement, as well as the support and resources needed to be successful. Next we’ll establish the nitty gritty goals and objectives needed to ensure results.

Baking in accountability & Follow up

Once you’ve got a plan, we’ll set up agreed upon milestones and methods for accountability and follow up. Coaching may happen in person, via email, by phone, or video conferencing so we can stay connected!

You will be guided by Lynne Desmond Cage who has worked with individuals and leaders at both start-ups, Fortune 500’s and non-profit organizations. (AmgenJohnson and JohnsonSony Pictures EntertainmentToad and Co., City National BankThe Nuclear Age Peace FoundationSeagateDirect Relief InternationalBalance Bar and The Fielding Institute to name a few.) Lynne has also taught courses in Organizational Change, Leadership Development and Management through the University of California, Santa Barbara extension and is certified as a master coach through the Hudson Institute, an ICF certified coaching school, where she later served as a coach and instructor. She holds a BA from Fairfield University, and certifications in Organizational Development and Change Management from UCLA

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